Postcoin wallet synchronization. Adding the list of updated nodes

  • In the wallet folder find the postcoin.conf file, open it in any text editor and add updated nodes to it.
    After restart the wallet starts getting synchronized. If such file doesn't exist, create it as per the guide below.

    Open the page and copy the list of nodes

    0_1530610039578_список нод.png

  • 0_1530611663713_список нод.png1.png

    Give the name “postcoin.conf” to the file
    Choose the file type: All files.
    Save on the desktop.

    Enter “Guide parameters” in the control panel, in the “Type” tab mark the following: “Show hidden files, folders, disks”.
    Press “OK” and exit.

    The postcoin.conf saved on the desktop should be then copied to the wallet directory following the given path. Then, restart the wallet.

  • 0_1530612957744_списокнод.png

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