Safety. Archiving. Saving. Postcoin wallet recovery

  • Create a backup copy of the wallet saving it in a safe place. You can always recover the wallet balance in any device using wallet.dat

    The backup copy of the wallet.dat file is creation of the file saving it on a data medium.
    Wallet.dat is a digital file of your wallet containing the information about transactions in blockchain and your private keys for all addresses you have ever created. Making any transactions in your wallet, the system turns to that file.
    For prompt transfer to the C folder: \users\Name-PC\appdata\roaming, press Win+R and enter %appdata% in the appeared window. The “Enter” button will take you to the necessary place.
    Updating of the backup copy should be done every time after a new transaction is finished, which is not always convenient. Sometimes the damaged file cannot be recovered, and the coins are lost. Make several copies, ff you decided to copy the wallet.dat.

    Creation of the paper backup copy. IMPORTANT!
    The backup copy of the wallet can be created on paper not relying on data media. This method is more reliable, but it requires responsible storage of saved data on paper.
    Enter the wallet console. In the upper panel choose “Help” - “Adjustment window” - “Console”.
    In the console execute the following command: dumpprivkey No._wallet (your address or public key). In the console you will get an answer as an example: HudhYBDjryfbHJYdnvhMchdyhfbHDTdnj, complex set of letters and digits.
    It's a private key. Copy it and print on a paper medium in order not to lose it. Such operation is made for all addresses with the coin balance in the wallet.

    Recovery of the Postcoin wallet addresses using private keys.
    If you lost access to your wallet and all files are lost. Download and reinstall the Postcoin wallet.
    Start the wallet and enter the console. For that in the upper panel choose “Help” - “Adjustment window” - choose the “Console” tab.
    In the console execute the following command: importprivkey your_private_key ( enter the saved address key )
    Wait until the blockchain is downloaded. When the wallet is synchronized, you will get access to your coins.

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