Postcoin wallet

  • Postcoin wallet

    The Postcoin wallet is a cryptocurrency storage, mining and settlement program between users in the given cryptocurrency. The product is a high-technology development, which installation must be correct with observation of all installation stages.

    Postcoin mining

    You will need to install and synchronize the Postcoin wallet for mining and coin storage. You can transfer coins to your wallet only after the wallet is installed and completely synchronized with the network (IMPORTANT!). Mining process will start 12 hours after the transaction.
    Mining takes place when the wallet is connected to the network. If your wallet is coded, open it for POS.
    Minimum recommended balance for mining: 1,000 coins. The more wallet balance, the more active is coin mining. It is varied approximately within 8-10% per year and depends on the number of participants and coins of participants in POS mining in the network.

    Postcoin wallet installation

    Choose the required file according to your operating system and download the file.
    Expand the archive in case of earlier versions of the operating system, then the Administrator Rights are required
    Give access to the Windows Firewall
    The program window of the Postcoin wallet will start.
    Wallet synchronization must start automatically.
    After download of complete blockchain the Postcoin wallet is ready for operation.

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    Acquisition of Postoin coins

    The cryptocurrency can be acquired by two ways:

    1. Register in the Business Postcoin online service
      and by paying for the purchase via payment system services proposed at the website: QIWI, Yandex-money or for cryptocurrency. You can also exchange the coins acquired by the mining process and withdraw them.

    2. Register at the cryptocurrency exchange: Livecoin , YoBit , CoinExchange , Cryptopia

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